Satinjet Maia Massaging Showerhead from Methven combines health and beauty

The Satinjet Maia Massaging Showerhead from Methven like expected delivers a relaxing massage in your shower. Try as I may, the green side in me creeps up and forces me to mention that wasting water while indulging in a soothing massage-shower is quite frivolous in this day and age. Moving on, let be get down to the basics of this shower, the Satinjet Maia massages both your body and can give you a facial as well. It even eliminates chlorine from the water, which by the way can have a drying effect on your skin and hair. The silver lining is, that it is also a low-flow shower.

My eco-sense aside, the benefits of a massaging shower are that it stimulates capillaries gently to encourage better circulation and blood flow; bringing your skin more nutrients and oxygen to keep it looking great. Hopefully the rich, spa-freaks will enjoy this personal massager.

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