Philips plans exotic Ambient indulgences for Fairmont Hotels

Ambient lightings have been around for quite a while now, and no one better than Philips to pamper us with their knockout range. They are teaming up with the Fairmont Group of Hotels to create magical suites that will pamper and indulge guests with the thorough ambient-lights experience. Imagine unwinding in a bathroom, which is luxurious in décor and fitted with the best mood lights. A starry ceiling just above the bath, creating a notion that the sky above is looking down upon you; mesmerizing you and relaxing! The project is a part of Philips’ “Hotel of the Future” and is being developed for Asia Pacific region’s first Ambient Experience Concept Suite at Fairmont Singapore. However Philips had designed something similar for Amsterdam hotel CitizenM, earlier this June.

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Although a mock-up room of the concept is ready, it is not clear when more suites will be ready for guests to use. The rooms will also feature the one-touch smart remote, which is used to turn on one of four mood lights (namely Rise, Perk, Lush, and Rest). Anti-stumble lights, which are motion-activated; Ambilight flat panels; Ambisound theater systems; and wake-up lights that imitate a natural sunrise instead of blaring alarms are included.

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