Apple Watch finally goes official, range-topping solid gold version will cost you $17,000

Apple at yesterday’s event finally revealed the most hotly anticipated wearable device of this year – the Apple Watch. Apple first unveiled the Apple Watch late last year, but only gave pricing for the entry-level model pegged at $349 and some hints on its looks and functionality. However, this gave us an idea on what to expect from the Apple’s newest offering going into the event. The Cupertino based tech giant has separated the Apple Watch models into three distinct collections: The entry-level Apple Watch Sport, the mid-range Apple Watch, and the high-end Apple Watch Edition. All the three categories offer both 38mm and 42mm rectangular case sizing options; however, the materials and finishes vary by collection in addition to the band options offered by default.

apple-watch-4The range starts with Apple Watch Sport, which is priced at $349 for the 38mm and $399 for the 42mm model. The Apple Watch Sport has an anodized aluminum finish, which comes in both space gray and silver. The mid range Apple Watch is priced between $549- $1049 depending on band for the 38mm. The Apple Watch steel 42mm model runs $599-$1099 for the same. This model features sapphire crystal on the display along with stainless steel casing available in either shiny polished silver or glossy ‘space’ black.

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apple-watch-5This brings us to the top-end offering of the Apple Watch range, the Apple Watch Edition. The pricing for the Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000. The Watch Edition uses the same sapphire crystal to protect its display, but it comes in either rose or yellow 18-karat gold, which accounts for its higher price tag and premium finish. The Watch Edition also offers exclusive strap options, including leather bands and sport bands with special 18-karat gold hardware in finishes matching the case of each particular model. According to the Apple Store, two models appear to be the most expensive offerings of the Apple Watch range and are priced at $17,000 each. The $17,000 Apple Watch is by far Apple’s most expensive singular offering. Apple also announced that the watches would be sold in a limited run and only at select stores, so part of the price will be justified by the exclusivity.

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apple-watch-1In terms of functionality, the Apple Watch will also offer native calendar, maps and reminder integration, giving you glances for upcoming meetings, as well as the ability to accept meeting invites on your wrist out of the box. However, in addition to the native apps, the third party applications will greatly expand the functionality of the watch. Apple demonstrated apps that allow you to call an Uber, unlock your hotel room door, chat on WeChat, or view Instagram photos. Tim Cook also announced that the Apple Watch should be able to handle at least 18 hours of regular use.

A price tag of $17,000 for a smartwatch sounds a little over-the-top, but luxury customization company Brikk has already announced their own special edition gold and bejeweled Apple Watch priced at $70,000.


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