Swizz Beatz teases Monster headphones collaboration with Chanel at Paris Fashion Week

Monster has partnered with many leading brands over the past few years to make some of the most exclusive headphones like the Hublot X Monster and the CrystalRoc Monster DNA headphone, but is there a Monster x Chanel collaboration coming our way? At least the images posted by Swizz Beatz on his personal Instagram account along with some very enthusiastic captions hints at a joint venture between luxury brand Chanel and Monster. Beatz posted an Instagram photo of himself and Karl Lagerfeld wearing headphones at Paris Fashion Week which is captioned “HISTORY HAS JUST BEEN MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He also posted some more photos of him alongside French model Baptiste Giabiconi with the caption “Me and my #chanel/#Monster brother…” Judging the photos, the headphones will come in all-black with the classic Chanel quilting and the brand’s logo. It hasn’t been officially confirmed so there’s no information on the pricing and availability. Check out the rest of the pictures posted by Beatz after the jump.

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[Via – Complex]

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