Chanel backpacks from the 2014 Spring-Summer collection are enchanting little devils in canvas

Backpack fashion is back! Pack your bags, bringing back, back pack. Oh my God! The new Chanel backpacks will put you at a loss of words just as they did me. Speaking of which, they should probably come with a runway-distance warning, beware: mindboggling fashion ahead. But now that we weren’t warned, let’s bear the stylish consequences.

The delish backpacks are graffiti printed and part of Chanel’s 2014 Spring-Summer Ready-to-Wear collection. Karl Lagerfeld himself personalized the bags, giving them an authentic and worn appearance. Everything from hand-woven handles, to splashes of paint and scoubidous to snap hooks adorn each sumptuous piece. But what’s most mesmerizing are the motifs.

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Each one is said to have been especially conceived and reproduced thanks to a specific printing procedure, which incorporates a wide variety of shades and array of colors. The quilting of the backpack, the metal initials, the double C pendant and the painted logo make up most of the starring iconic codes. There are also a luggage tag that boasts an aged finish and leather zipper tag in tow.

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“There’s a certain lightness and a certain kind of humor in all this,” said Karl Lagerfeld. Clearly there is, wrapped in thick linen canvas. Said humor, however, does not betray tradition and a single design takes over several hours for completion. Available in two and three colors, the backpacks are available in Chanel boutiques, and also for a limited time at Colette. And they’ll bring your childhood back just like the Chanel hula hoop did.

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