Concrete Audio N1 speakers deliver strong acoustic experience

A German company named Concrete Audio has launched a new high-end speaker named ‘N1’. It has a unique design of exposed speakers studded into concrete housing crafted to blend in with the contemporary interior design. We have seen audio equipment manufacturers launch speakers with gold casing to add to their exclusivity but until now we haven’t come across any company going with concrete housing for high-end speakers. Concrete Audio claims that N1 speakers produce exceptional sound quality with unrivaled purity and clarity to satiate the need for audiophiles. The housing’s amorphous and strong concrete structure cancels any vibrations and disturbing resonance even at high volume and base.

Wood is considered to be the best choice for speaker housing, and recently we have seen quite a few companies launch glass speakers. According to makers, their groundbreaking and innovative audio speaker system has a better sound output while achieving acoustic excellence. Concrete Audio N1 speakers have a sound output of 100W and weigh 80kgs (175lbs).

The unit’s dimensions are 110 cm x 23 cm x 33 cm (HxWxD) and will be available for a price of 27,034 Euros ($35,841).





[Via – Concrete-Audio]

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