Pagani Zonda Roadster F in limited edition with Morel Speakers

The world of music is raving about the Ultimo subwoofer! And what’s more intriguing is that supercar manufacturer Pagani has chosen Morel to provide an audio solution for its next supercar. Both the companies have collaborated to offer a limited number of Pagani Zonda Roadster F supercars with a Morel upgrade. No more than 50 Roadster F’s will acquire this upgrade consisting of Morel Integra Ovation “Point Source” (coaxial) speakers. Did you know that the Roadster F has been called “The Most Exclusive Roadster in the World,” and this sexy car is so exclusive (read expensive) that the actual price isn’t even publicly known.

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morel-speakers.jpgComing to the speakers, the Morel Integra Ovation coaxial speakers integrate the tweeter and woofer while utilizing an external crossover. The Integra Ovation woofer uses a neodymium magnet motor and large diameter voice coil along with a soft dome tweeter to provide award winning performance.

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