Could Apple be preparing a Platinum flavored Watch?

If you thought the hulla-bulloo over the Apple Watch and its many (many) luxury variants has died down, think again. The latest from the rumor mill is that Apple just might launch their forthcoming smart watch in a Platinum case as well. As if the 18K gold and scores of other luxury plated Apple Watches were not enough to give you anxiety over which to buy, this just makes it harder.

According to one report, the company has apparently “studied platinum watch casings” which, as anyone following the tech space and Apple would know, this could very easily be a rumor, but one that has ties to the truth. The company seems to be going all out to impress with the Apple Watch and the list of its variations encased in obscenely luxurious styles and materials continues. The possible platinum edition could very well be something the company is working on. They may have finally found a way to invest their billions laying around, unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be) for them, it will only lead to more money… more problems.

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The estimated price of the Gold and possible Platinum editions would be somewhere in the $10,000 + range. Just to give you a quick rundown, the Apple watch will be available in two size variants – 38mm and 42mm cases. Cases will be available in aluminum, stainless steel, and, as of now, scratch resistant 18-karat gold. The straps would also be available in a variety of materials like fluoroelastomer (rubber), leather, and stainless steel. Standard editions (at least there’s a mention of them now and again) will be available from prices that could start at $349.

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As Apple gears up for their “next big launch” and their stores ready themselves by double checking their security measures for the throngs of people who will make their way to the counters, the world waits with baited breath for the official unveiling of the device in its various regular and luxury editions. It’s just a matter of one month before the big announcement. Have you saved up?

[Via – The-Verge]

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