The crystal-encrusted D&G headphones that bedazzled Milan Fashion Week can be yours for $8000

Dolce & Gabbana introduced a new accessory during their Milan Fashion Week runway show last week – over-the-top crystal-encrusted headphones. Instead of the adorable babies accompanying their model moms on the catwalk, the bejeweled headphones were the ones that made the most headlines. There were all sorts of them, created to match the outfits of the models. There were headphones that looked like crowns, headphones with fur and one pair with pearls. What baffles me is how much time was given into it to create these fashion accessories from mundane, everyday basic pair of Frends headphones.

Unlike useless props and accessories used on the runway, these headphones really work and for some strange reason if you want to buy one, you can! They’re available on Moda Operandi for $7,095. With a deposit of $3,548, the website guarantees that they will ship to you at some point between July 20th and October 30th. Made in Italy and custom designed by the Frends brand, the headphones are wrapped in nappa leather and embellished with Swarovski crystals, pearls, and fox fur.

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[Via – Hollywood-Reporter]

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