flopZ- Fun and brightly coloured Flip Flops with a massaging sensation

flopZ, is a new luxury line of luminescent flip flops with a unique gel insole that gives you a soothing massage sensation with every step you take. The Coral Collection is inspired by the vibrant and majestic colours that are found in the rainbow coloured coral reefs around the oceans of the world. Available in 13 lively deigns, each come with a two strap option, the classic clear, pure white, eye catching glitter and vibrant coloured flopZ.

Beautifully packaged with their own bag protector, these can easily be slipped into your handbag to change them when you feel the need to treat your feet to a comforting massage. They pair up easily with a summer dress, a pair of jeans, shorts or beachwear. Easy to clean with water, they maintain their refreshing look for a long time.
flopZ are available at www.flopz.com and retail for $50.

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