iPod Shuffle made of Gold and Diamonds

I just cannot figure out that why would someone want to spend thousands on a doodad worth about $100? And all that only for a glitzy-ritzy look! I feel it’s justified if all that money goes in for more high-tech features. But that’s what I feel……what about those who care a hoot about anything overlooks? This one is for them – gold iPod Shuffle studded with diamonds. Folks at Engadget have managed to translate this bit of information and say that it’s made of pure gold and highlighted diamonds. Just last month I mentioned a Gold shuffle from Germany and also that a diamond version may soon be available. Now I’m not too sure if it’s the same company that has unveiled this one too. But watch out for this space for more specific updates. Last time I did mention that ‘I hope that you get bejeweled earphones too.’ I think they have paid heed to my expectation and offered diamond-studded ear-phones too!

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As of yet all I know is that this iPod Shuffle is priced at 120,000 Norwegian Kroner (about $20,000).

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