LG Prada Cell Phones are matchless

Just a few days back we updated you about the iconic LG and Prada cell phones. Now we are back with it. But this time, with pictures to testify the fusion of high-end technology and avant-garde design. It is the basic LG KE850 handset in a Prada design as well as packaging and will have a unique Prada user interface. The most unique feature of this cell is that it sports a touch screen display that will change according to the application on the screen instead of the conventional keypad. It has a classic minimalist design, featuring an utterly stylish white on black user interface and will come in a swanky Prada designed leather case.

Prices have yet to be confirmed, but it will be a lot cheaper (in the range of $400 to $500) than might be expected of a Prada branded product. This phone will be hitting five European countries this spring, and hopefully be making its way stateside later in the year.

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