Linn creates $40,000 turntables crafted from whiskey casks

Tipple meet turntable. That’s right! The world of turntables now witnesses an alcoholic intervention! This intoxicating match comes in lieu of Linn’s 40th Anniversary, for which they have teamed with Scotch distillery Highland Park to produce Sondek LP12’s with whisky casks. Carved out of the distiller’s solid oak, 1972’s reincarnated turntables still carry in their core, Linn’s patented low-noise, single-point bearing’s absolute advancement.

Reproduction of your cherished vinyl collection gets a rare rendition as whiskey-wooded plinths nurture the smooth motion of the turntable and precision-engineered components without marring its aesthetic elements. “Not only have we helped create a great looking piece of kit, the density of our hand-selected, Spanish oak casks has also added to the already impressive sound quality. The joining together of Linn and Highland Park makes perfect sense and has created a powerful sensory platform that will appeal to both the whisky lover and the music lover – this is sure to be a highly sought after offering that will be desired by both our fans from all over the world,” Gerry Tosh, Global Marketing Manager for Highland Park, said.

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Only 40 such acoustic units are set to see the light of liquor-y day and a $40,000 pricey one if you wish the product come your way. Still, it could be a day ending in the company of a 40-year-old bottle of Highland Park ($1,500) that accompanies the audio innovation. Not one to indulge in a nip? You can always stick to the magic of Linn’s Majik LP 12 based very much on the benchmark-setting Sondek.

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