Maximum PC’s $16,000 desktop is one of the fastest workstations ever built

If you thought Apple’s Mac Pro towers were expensive enough, then hold your breath. Maximum PC has unveiled a desktop that goes well past that price limit and brings an extremely powerful and performance-oriented workstation. The $16,000 desktop features a 3.1Ghz Intel Xeon server processor, 64GB of DDR3 memory, and two of NVidia’s fastest graphic cards, along with two 512GB SSDs and four spinning disks in a RAID array. It doesn’t stop there. Cooling for this monstrously powered desktop is done using Silverstone TJ11’s liquid cooling systems and features two 2560×1600 Dell IPS panels.

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This computer notches 176% on 3DMark’s 11 scores, making it way faster than its closest competitor. Perfect for audio and video applications, this desktop will run your games in the best resolution possible with utter ease.

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