RamSan-6200 is the World’s most expensive storage costing $4.4 million

Here’s something for the geeks to drain their bank balance. Touted to be the world’s most expensive storage, the RamSan-6200 is also the fastest with highest-capacity SSD system in the market. This solid-state disk system renders 100 terabytes of Flash-based storage in one 40U rack configuration. It is designed to sustain five million IOPS with 60GB/sec throughput. All this for a whopping price tag of $4.4m. Texas Memory Systems has developed this hardware system for companies with large datasets requiring extreme performance and bandwidth. The product page states that the RamSan-6200 changes the storage equation for high-performance computing users such as science and research labs, oil and gas exploration, telecommunications providers, large video rendering and editing facilities, and Federal Government installation. It is contained in one 40U rack and consumes a bit more than 6 kilowatts.

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To justify the price, the maker mentions that the RamSan-6200 offers dramatic total cost of ownership benefits through power, space, and maintenance savings and costs less than one fifteenth of what a hard disk-based solution can deliver on a cost per IOPS basis.

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