Chinese bride walks down the aisle to break world’s longest wedding dress train record

Ioana Comanescu of the “Il Creatore” bridal shop set a new record when she designed the world’s longest wedding dress train that measured 1,579 meters. But a Chinese bride is hoping to beat this record after getting married in a wedding dress with a train more than 2 km (2000 meters) long. So long was this unique trail that it took the wedding guests in the northeastern province of Jilin nearly three hours just to unroll it! The long trail was decorated with 9,999 silk red roses (another record-setting number) that only enhanced this magnificent trail’s beauty. Zhao said he was inspired by the last world record of the longest wedding dress trail.

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The lucky bride, Lin Rong, was only happy to comply and was overwhelmed by this romantic gesture. The family of the groom, however, found this gesture to be a complete waste of money. The groom’s mother said, “It is a waste of money, in my opinion, although I understand that he wants to show his love on the big day.”
And rightly so, since this record-setting dress cost the groom’s family a whopping 40,000 Yuan ($5,856)! Hopefully, the glow on the bride’s face and the chances of setting a new record have made this expensive purchase seem worthwhile.

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