The Chinese copycats strike again ripping off the iconic Mercedes G-Wagen SUV

It is often joked that if there is a product on sale somewhere on this planet, a Chinese knockoff version of it must also exist. Browse on the Chinese online retailers’ websites, which too are knockoffs of Amazon and eBay, and you’ll come across replicas of just about everything. And the country’s automobile industry is no different; over the years we have seen them produce cheap rip-offs of everything from Hondas to Rolls Royce and Range Rover. The newest to join the long list of blatant copies is an SUV that looks awfully similar to the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen; and as usual it looks terrible.

Chinese G-Class – copycat 🙈

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The BJ80 PHEV is a product of the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. (or BAIC) that looks like a life size model of a bad quality scale model of the G-Wagen. From the grill to the wheels, and just about every design aspect has been copied from the legendary off-roader. A picture of the Chinese G-Class was posted on the Instagram by Mercedes-Benz spokesperson Toby Mueller which was clicked at the Shanghai Auto Show. While the original G-Wagen comes with a price tag upwards of $115,000, we don’t expect the Chinese copy to be priced anything near to that figure. Stay tuned for more automobile news from Shanghai.

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