Starwood Hotels app will let you unlock your hotel room door by waving your iWatch in front of it

Starwood hotels is among the frontrunners when it comes to adopting technology, recently the hotel chain introduced Robotic butlers at its Aloft brand of boutique hotels and very soon guests will be able to unlock their hotel rooms by simply waving their hand. Of course on their hand should be the recently announced Apple iWatch. SPG or the Starwood preferred guest is one of the few third party apps Apple has partnered with as of now, but the partner base will surely swell up as the device nears its launch in early 2015. Except for the above slide not much information is available as to how would Apple integrate the SPG app in the iWatch but from check in, to bill payment, to calling for room service, to setting your diet preferences there will be a lot you can do at one of the 1,162 Starwood properties across the globe with a simple tap.

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