The Oenophile’s Personal Winery – you don’t need to ‘whine’ about the perfect wine!

You may not particularly be a wine lover but with the contraption that you are gonna read about you may still not love wine but you could love making it. With technology knocking everyone’s door the wine lovers couldn’t have thought or got anything better than this. It’s time to explore the winemaker in you and its all thanks to The Oenophile’s Personal Winery. On second thoughts you rather give up the title of being called the winemaker in this case cause you really don’t have to do anything for The Oenophile’s Personal Winery takes care of practically everything including cleaning, hey Mr. did your wife just nudge you to buy this? I’m sure she did as this automated home winery vinifies up to four cases of wine using traditional winemaking techniques combined with modern oenological technology. To put it simply it does the whole thing right from fermentation, Brix (grape sugar level), and temperature, and wirelessly transmits the information to a PC, allowing you to log, graph, and analyze the information using the included software, ensuring optimal conditions for your preferred wine taste.

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What more do you want guys? The glass can fly to your lips. This is the best gift you could gift a wine connoisseur; the only hitch…its costs $6,000. But The Oenophile’s Personal Winery comes with an oak storage barrel for additional aging, siphon, and 48 bottles, with an easy-to-read, LED, and 4-button control panel. Requires Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 and a USB port for a wireless key. Don’t feel better? Me neither!

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