9 interesting facts about drinking wine

Wine is interesting as well as intimidating. The mystery or the aura of this drink has been the subject of debate for centuries. Did you know that India, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, has evidence of wine production and consumption thousands of years ago? While sometimes it’s the story of a glass of vino, which keeps the conversation alive on a dinner table, too many glasses of it could also be a deal breaker. These are some of the interesting facts about wine that will help you secure a place in the former category.

9) One Glass of Wine a day is good for your heart
We all have read it somewhere or heard from someone that drinking a glass of wine a day is actually healthy. Well, research by doctors around the globe shows that red wine is good for the heart. The antioxidant properties of red wine help reduce the risk of an attack. But remember to always drink in moderation, one glass for women and not more than two glasses for men.

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8) Not every wine improves with age
Have you heard of the phrase, “age like a bottle of wine”, well, here is a shocker. Only around 99% of wines produced in the world are not age worthy. Which leaves us with just 1% of wine which can be aged for more than 30-40 years, rest all are to be consumed young. However, this doesn’t mean that the wine expires if not drunk immediately, if stored correctly; it can stay for few years. But it means that you will not be benefiting much by storing it for years.

7) The colour of the wine may indicate geographical origin.
There are ways to know the geographical origin of a wine. A glass of wine observed against a white background when tilted 45 degrees may offer you a clear insight into the place origin. However, this would require a bit of reading and practicing. A burgundy pinot noir will have a typical light intensity, pale ruby colour where as a Barolo wine from Italy will have high intensity, deep garnet colour. Similar is with white wines, a cool climate sauvignon blanc or chardonnay (un-aged) will showcase pale lemon green colour where as a warm climate sauvignon blanc will be medium lemon in colour.

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6) Wine can boost your sex drive
Haven’t we all heard of this one! According to a study by an Italian group published in 2009, there is a link between drinking wine and increased sexual appetite of women. Alcohol in moderate quantity increases libido because ethanol stimulates a primitive part of our brain called the hypothalamus, which is located above the brain stem. The area in the brain that regulates basic human functions like body temperature, hunger, hormone levels and sex drive.

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