French Chateau ships vintage wine on a long ocean voyage via a classic ship

Château Smith Haute Lafite and Château de Cayx has decided to give their wines an authentic vintage touch by actually transporting their latest vintage wines to North America in a classic sailing ship. Just the thought of these vintages being transported in this age old mode of transport increases the appeal of these wines. The boat carrying the wines, the Bessie-Ellen, was built in 1904 and is one of the last remaining ketches in the world. After a long 25 day voyage, which dint come cheap (costing 20% more than using a standard container ship), 200,000 bottles of wine will land in Montreal. The shippers, Dublin-based, French-run CTMV, claim the long ocean voyage could improve the wine by hastening the ageing process. Now this is what we call, a true vintage wine.

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The bottles are expected to begin their journey on July 21. What is more, by next year there are plans to set up the route permanently as well as a shorter journey from Bordeaux to Plymouth.

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