The Segway x2 Golf Edition

The latest edition to the Segway family is the Golf edition Segway x2. Billed to be a fun alternative to the Golf Cart, the Segway x2 is a mini cart that can carry your golf bag too. It also has a scorecard holder and their special low-pressure tires enable the x2 Golf to travel gently, causing less damage to the turf than a golf cart. A typical round of golf at the course usually takes at least four hours, but the Segway’s zippiness enables 18 holes in less than three hours. Based upon the Segway x2, it features new LeanSteer technology, a wireless InfoKey controller, and long-lasting Saphion lithium-ion batteries. Another cool thing is that players who use the Segway products also find that it’s easier to talk because all four players can travel the course side by side, rather than having to split up into two separate golf carts.

The Segway x2 will be available from Fall 2006

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