Zana Apophis USB drive is made from a meteorite

As the computer gets smaller, so have the storage devices, gone are the days when you needed to plug in a mammoth hard drive to an external power source. We live in an age of technology, so it’s only natural that fashion would turn geeky to create pieces that reek of exclusivity. First there was Victorinox with their diamond studded USB stick, then Cottin launched cottin 40 and finally there was La Maison Shawish’s Magic Mushroom USB. The latest and most exclusive in this new line of fashionable technology is Zana design’s Apophis. Apophis has been named for the legendary meteorite set to hit earth in either 2029 or 2036, named thus because the USB drive has been created using authentic and certified meteorite. The rest of the drive is made up of African Bark Wood, which is considered the most luxurious wood globally; also embedded in it is a high purity diamond. The technical specs for this fashion-forward piece are a storage space of 64GB and a USB 3.0

The Flash drive comes in either 925 silver or 18k gold. For those interested in amping up the luxury quotient on their storage, the silver drive retails for $1,330 while the gold one retails for $1,990.

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Personally, I think ill skip the meteorite and stick with my simple $80 USB drive. I could even order bulk USB drives at for even cheaper, and I would get to customize them, how they look.


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