Channel your inner Monica at the Friends cafe that is set to open in Tokyo for a limited time

We have all loved and earnestly enjoyed watching Friends; we all have our favorites’ who we fancied we could be best friends with. It’s not just a show it’s a legend that the lucky people in Tokyo will get to live, experience and enjoy. The American TV sitcom Friends is celebrating its silver jubilee; yes it’s been 25 years since the show made its debut on 22 September 1994, and Japan is celebrating the anniversary with a special limited-time cafe in the capital. No question the setup will be based on the iconic ‘Central Perk’ cafe where friends have had coffee, conversations and more. Located at the FoodLab cafe on the ground floor of the Loft store in Ginza, the new cafe will be fitted with a photo spot area styled to look just like Central Perk. Dress up as your fave character and live the dream as this place is complete with a couch, rug, and coffee table, so you can channel your favorite Friends character while posing for a dedicatory picture. This limited offer is a rather generous one with a lot more in the plate for Friends fans. There will be a total of 21 Anniversary BlueRay boxes available for 27,000 yen (US$250.37), featuring a Japan-exclusive design and individual serial numbers along with signed stills from the first episode, card sets, and door photo frames like the one seen on Monica’s door in the TV show. Customers who make a purchase will also receive a special bromide showing the six cast members taking their last bow on the final episode of the series.

Now since this is a cafe you can’t go hungry. The cafe will offer some delicacies like Friends 25th Anniversary OH MY GOD! Muffin Set (1,080 yen), so you can relax with your friends over a coffee and muffin, just like the stars of the show. As well as Friends 25th Anniversary Manhattan Three-colored Gelato served in a Friends-branded cup for 627 yen. The friends’ cafe will unfortunately only be around temporarily from 18-24 September.

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