Japanese company launches $800 anti-radiation underwear to tackle the Fukushima disaster

It’s not unusual for us to come across quirky undergarments, but they really get experimental with it when it comes to Japan. Every once in a while, some bizarrely designed undergarments pop up from Japan; they even have under-things for iPhones, but as some of them are just plain, japery, others do serve a purpose. An Osaka-based company named Yamamoto, in the wake of increased danger from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, has launched anti-radiation swimwear and underwear as the crisis continues to haunt the country.

The company has developed a unique swimwear using bio rubber that can protect the wearer of the suit from radiation. The officials from Yamamoto Corporation claim that the wetsuit-styled garment has micron-sized bubbles that can block 100 percent of beta rays. It is priced at $1,072 and will go on sale by November. The other product from the same line consists of a brief and underwear which is made out of lead-based fabric. It’s specially designed to protect more sensitive parts of the body from harmful radiation. It will go on sale for $825, according to Yamamoto.

It will be worn under conventional radiation-proof suits to provide additional safety. But the protective undergarments are heavy due to the layers of protection, the wetsuit weighs 6.6 lbs, and the set of undergarments weigh 7.5lbs. Both of them are targeted at workers who are trying to contain Tokyo Electric Power’s leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which was severely damaged following an earthquake and tsunami in 2011.-

[Via – Cnet]

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