Baccarat offers everyday luxury with their new collection of cut crystal tumblers

Usually known for their intricate and extravagant crystal offerings, Baccarat is showing off another facet of their brand with the new Everyday Baccarat collection of tumblers. The 6 cut crystal glasses each with a different pattern are intended to be enjoyed every day rather than just for special occasions. We wouldn’t ordinarily pull out the Baccarat glasses for anything short of a major celebration but with this new collection the crystal maestros invite us to turn every day into a celebration by swapping our juice and soda glasses for pretty designer tumblers.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing more casual luxury homeware from the French company? It could very well be! Perhaps the brand is looking to expand its customer base by creating a “low-end” range. It’s all speculation at this point but we can’t deny we’d be happy to swap our coffee mug and dinner plates for Baccarat beauties too! Priced at €390 which is about $440 for the set, the Everyday Baccarat tumblers might well be the cheapest products that Baccarat has ever offered. No word yet on when these will be available.

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