No, your child won’t eat better with this $330 Cartier sterling silver baby butterfly spoon. (He will surely look regal spitting up)

Being born with a silver spoon isn’t enough anymore. You really haven’t arrived (pun intended) till you arrive with Cartier’s Baby butterfly sterling-silver spoon in your little mouth. The tiny spoon is made in sterling silver featuring the Cartier Baby butterfly motif and is a wonderful but expensive addition to Cartier’s zoological gallery. At the same time, mommies continue to be obsessed with the Cartier panther, their bubs have a colorful menagerie of baby animals to choose from. The spoon comes only in a baby butterfly motif. However, recent collections of cups, spoons, photo frames, tumblers, and even blankets designed for babies have cutesy additions like an adorable rabbit, panda, fox, and mouse, each with stylized eyes featuring motifs of the Maison logo, stamped on childhood objects.

The Cartier Baby butterfly motif spoon measures W 3 x H 10.5 cm and is a great way to feed the child while making it aware of the luxe brands it will love growing up. I wonder if the child that eats with a Cartier spoon costing nearly $330 eats faster, or doesn’t spit up, or has any other hidden special features to justify that exorbitant price tag?

[Available at: Cartier]

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