Samsung outs a smart refrigerator with cameras and an interactive tablet

Korean electronics giants, Samsung, has just surprised homemakers with a refrigerator that could seem to cost a fortune compared to even some high-end models out there. Their Family Hub smart refrigerator costs $5,800 but comes with a few features that you wouldn’t find on any fridge, anywhere in the world.

Bid adieu to the post it notes and stick-up white boards that have coated the surface of erstwhile refrigerators. The Family Hub offers a series of cameras inside it that capture images of its contents so that users do not have to open the doors so as to check what’s inside. That’s not all. The highlight of the refrigerator is the 21-inch touchscreen that covers a significant area on the door. This is where you post your reminders by means of digital sticky notes and also access a number of pre-installed apps. (Samsung has not provided a function to add new apps, yet). Other than this, you can also instantly order groceries with the help of apps such as Groceries by MasterCard. That’s not all, there’s also a reminder feature that keeps you updated about the food expiration date, which can be preset in the app.
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That’s really cool, innit? It is currently on sale.
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