These Bubble-shaped made-in-Russia cabins will make you want to ditch your home

The construction materials used in building houses vary from region to region, country to country. However, the one thing that’s almost universally common across the globe is the boxy shape of houses with four walls making the basic structure; very rarely do we ever see houses with any other basic shape. What’s interesting is that box-shaped houses are neither efficient not structurally the strongest in terms of architectural design. While dome-shaped homes might look weird, they are superior in terms of both efficiency and structural righty – a reason why they are now starting to become more popular. A Russian company by the name of Skydome has created a series of geodesic dome-shaped homes that designed to be stylish, durable and efficient.

The company currently offers six different models of the dome-shaped Skydome cabins, each available in different sizes. The range starts with a cabin that measures 34 square meters and tops-out with the largest option measuring 300 square meters. Each of the Skydome cabins is shaped to offer better resistance to heat loss, additional strength, seismic resistance, and energy resistance. In terms of interior design, the possibilities are endless since the structure is no limited by side walls. Unfortunately, the pricing information on the Skydome cabins is not available currently.

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