Caesars Palace tower will be transformed into world’s first Nobu Hotel

Las Vegas is all set to get a new hot-spot. Nobu Hospitality will soon be seen as a new boutique hotel inside Caesars Palace, a first of its kind in the world. To make the hotel at home, the interiors are all set to undergo a multimillion dollar renovation, to make room for 180-rooms at the Nobu Hotel. A year in the making, the hotel will also feature a penthouse and 16 suites.

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The hotel interiors will remind you of Nobu’s signature Japanese look and will be made up of natural materials. Apart from the world class Nobu menu, the Restaurant & Lounge would be located at the center of the boutique hotel and will occupy a massive 9,500 square-feet, just at the base of the Nobu tower, close to the exit of the Caesars Palace.

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