Shaped as a giant Amethyst this could be the most unique hotel in the world

Whatever next? NL Architects, a Dutch company has got a new look for their new chain of hotels. Each of these hotels will be shaped like a huge chunk of the brilliant purple gemstone, the Amethyst which is a precious stone consisting of a violet variety of quartz. This strangely shaped building that appears to look like a huge shark fin is cut in half to reveal a purple crystalline surface. Each room has a faceted window and interior and is meant to invoke the healing qualities of the amethyst. The hotel’s living accommodation is placed around a large void.

amethyst-hotel-ocean-flower-china-2The first one it’s kind is to be built on a man made island in China called Ocean Flower after which they will be subsequently made all over the world.

[Via – Designboom]

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