Bugatti has collaborated with Asprey to create a limited-edition collection of precious objet eggs that can cost as much as a top-of-the-line Porsche 911

All the allocations of the Bugatti Chiron have already been sold, while the W16 hypercar’s successor is still some time away. This has put patrons of the legendary French automaker in a bit of a dilemma; what next should they splurge their money on? However, Bugatti has been keeping its loyal customers busy by putting its iconic emblem on a multitude of special items through carefully forged partnerships. The latest to join the list is a limited-edition collection of precious metal objet eggs created in collaboration with British luxury retailer Asprey. Designed by Asprey Studio, the beautifully crafted collection represents a perfect blend of traditional jewelry-making techniques with high-tech materials used in the manufacturing of Bugatti hypercars.

Carlo Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti’s father, once said: “The purest perfect shape of nature is the egg.” These words became the inspiration behind the limited-edition collection of objet eggs spawned from the collaboration that began in 2022. According to the two brands, the new collection “brings together timeless creations of the Bugatti family with Asprey’s heritage and craftsmanship.” The Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection will be produced both as physical objet and NFT generative artwork, with 111 physical eggs linked to Bitcoin NFTs. “The price for the [Asprey Bugatti] eggs number 1-100 will be between $20-50k,” Ali Walker, Chief Creative Officer of Asprey Studio, told Nft Now. “[Asprey Bugatti] eggs 100-111 will be $200,000 upwards.”

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The eggshell of the Royale Edition of the objet egg is made from carbon fiber. The perfect egg shape is achieved by a long and complex process that ensures it is completely free from disproportion or imperfection. The egg is cradled in a sterling silver diamond weave lattice which is gently angled downwards to a curved base. It echoes Asprey’s heritage in jewelry making as well as the stunning furniture designs of Carlo Bugatti, and Art Nouveau – an era significant to both brands. The surface of the egg is decorated with a “Dancing Elephant” motif which has been recreated in perfect detail from one of Rembrandt Bugatti’s original sculptures. Furthermore, the carbon fiber shell opens with a complex hinged diamond door to reveal a miniature recreation of Bugatti’s Molsheim home complete with a sterling silver Type 41 Royale Esders.

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Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director at Bugatti International said: “Ettore Bugatti believed in aesthetic engineering, creating art out of each component of his vehicles. He saw the world through the eyes of an artist, taking inspiration from the work of his creative family. We maintain these values to this day at Bugatti, working closely with our partners like Asprey to create objet d’art in the vision of our founder. The creation of the Asprey Bugatti Egg Collection is a wonderful homage to our history and the creations of Ettore, designed with the pioneering spirit and attention to detail that led to his brand becoming revered throughout the world.”

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