Eng-i-Creation’s Motion Jewels Pendant keeps the treasure concealed

The Gumpert Apollo key from Eng-i-Creation highlighted the luxurious need for bespoken car keys. However, it’s Motion Jewels from the same company that promises to redefine contemporary jewelry perception. Wear an outstanding neckpiece that moves to reveal the hidden treasure. By simply moving the lever of this Yin-Yang pendant, you can gradually expose the precious stones to dazzle all. Wear it as a subtle pendant by the day and transform it into a rocking neckpiece for the cocktail party at night. I am sure such an engineered creation will call out to all those who seek glamour combined with some mechanism. Such a pendant can also be customized to hold images or engraved words of those you love.
Update – < /Strong>Since the company intends to make unique pieces for every customer, it is tricky to jot down this pendant’s pricing. However, such a one-of-its-kind pendant’s customization starts with 15,000 Euros ($21,750) depending on the type of stones and materials.
Thanks Raoul

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