Glitzy Gold Insoles

Precious metals like gold possess an incredible number of opportunities to communicate. The gold pieces create a direct link to human existence, to things small, to the psychology of traditions that cuts straight through all nationalities and time periods. Inspired by the Japanese nation’s escalating love of gold and healthy living, Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K. K. will sell the solid gold bars, barbells and shoe insoles in its Tokyo and Osaka outlets. The golden insoles will give the user golden power playing on the renewed interest in gold as an investment in Japan, noting that the economy was beginning to pull out of a period of deflation.

The retailer will begin selling one-kilogram gold insoles for the price of ¥2,530,000 (or approx. $22,128), which are apparently designed to build leg muscles of Japanese commuters. Additionally, fitness fanatics bored of working out with regular weights will soon be able to purchase pure gold dumbbells from a Japanese firm. This definitely provides evidence that if you have the money you can shove it anywhere.

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