Japanese start up Encode Ring allows you to turn your voice into a solid metal ring

Wonders of technology leave us spellbound every now and then. Doing just that and much more is a Japanese tech start-up – Encode Ring that is using a unique 3-D printing technology to turn your vocals into a solid metal ring. Each of these rings is an audio level visualization of a 3-second voice note of your choice.

Basically, the company converts customer-uploaded audio files into 3-D printed metal rings, leaving the size and metal options to customer preferences. Apart from the aforementioned customizations, you can also take a mini virtual tour to see how the ring looks in a list of variants before ultimately finalizing the finishing and shipping details. Though not much is known about the 3-D printer being used behind the process, the company heavily relies on Solufa’s web3d open-source library to make the described system work in a real-time manner. Further, the company is also looking to utilize the same kind of printing technology for other types of products, like recording audio from live concerts.

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The peculiar ring is available in an array of metal alloys including steel, gold-plated, premium silver, 18K gold, and solid platinum with price ranging from $120 for steel to $1,240 for platinum. Whether it’s a simple ‘I love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’, this ring is bound to make any occasion special. After all, when was the last you saw your voice is transformed into a piece of jewelry?

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