Air India gearing up to launch the world’s longest flight

Stock up on your books and movies if you are planning on taking this 18 hour, non stop Air India flight from Bangalore to San Francisco. If things go according to plan, this flight will travel 14,000 km around the world and usurp the title of the world’s longest flight which is held by Qantas which travels 13,370 km between Dallas and Sydney. Emirates too plans to link Dubai and Panama City by the following year, which will be a journey of 13,760 km.

The Air India flight would be the first direct flight between India and the Silicon valley, and should Bangalore not work out, Delhi would be the next option.

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While all this talk is about the longest route, the world’s shortest commercial flight operates from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands in Scotland. This flight is officially under 2 minutes and in ideal conditions is as short as 47 seconds!

So for all those planning on taking the world’s longest flight, make sure you are ready to be seated for 18 hours at a stretch.

[ Via : Luxuo ]

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