An ageless combination comes to life as Fratelli launches gourmet cheese to perfectly complement their superlative wines

Cheese, wine, and friends must be old to be good. We hope you have old friends but even if you don’t perhaps you can make new ones over the finest cheese and wine by Fratelli. You read that right; Fratelli is now also offering wines perfect companion cheese as well thanks to collaboration with artisanal cheesemaker Käse. Much like aspirin and aches, wine and cheese are ageless companions that are now coming together from the Fratelli stables with a signature line featuring three divine varieties, Gusto, Sunburst, and Cheddarg. The simple, yet exceptional treat for the taste buds is made with ethically sourced raw A2 milk. The Cheddarg, a combination of cheddar and Cornish yarg, wrapped in homegrown Sangiovese leaves and aged for up to 5 months. It tastes best when paired with both red and white wines. The Sunburst variety is an interesting one that tastes a bit sweet and a bit salty on the first bite. To truly indulge in its uniqueness pair this cheese with a crisp white wine and an array of nuts and fruits. If you like your cheese to be as novel as your wine, the Gusto fits the bill with hints of citrus and a mildly bitter rind. To make things tantalizing and tasty team the Syrah Gusto with the Fratelli M/S red or the Fratelli shiraz and merlot wines.

Puja Sekhri, Director, Fratelli Wines says, “Cheesemaking in many ways is like winemaking. The terroir has a huge influence and that is what makes every place unique. Käse works with natural flora in the milk and does not use freeze-dried cultures. At Fratelli, we work hard to present a pure experience and in Käse we found a partner that reflects the same values they produce cheese that is clean – free from any preservatives, additives, stabilizers, and emulsifiers. In the culinary world, there are many food-beverage matches made in heaven. They’re so called because of how they bring out the best in each other’s inherent qualities while making it an unforgettable sensorial experience for the consumer. Wine and cheese is one such match.” all varieties of Fratelli Cheese are now available to shop online on for Rs.415

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