India’s elite rally for their own airport

Indian billionaires have a string of complaints about the present rules, and red tapism involved in procuring permissions for their personal aircrafts. Onerous rules and tedious paper work often delay their planes by days, which is instrumental in in causing India’s jet fleet to shrink even though the economy is showing an upward trend. The jet setters want friendlier skies and are asking for a network of airports all across the country just for private jets.

The Business Aircraft Operators Association is lobbying the government to turn an airport 137 kilometers from Mumbai as the first airfield exclusively for business planes. This airport is currently used for military aircrafts.

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The arguments for creating this network of airports are that many of existing airports are too small for commercial airlines and they can be used for private planes, these planes can also serve as air ambulances that can have access to remote areas where it is difficult for commercial airlines to fly to.
In Mumbai, private aircrafts face the problem of parking due to lack of space and also face restrictions with regards to the timings making it unfeasible for jet owners.

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What is left to be seen now is what the government views as priority for Mumbai city, a better infrastructure, education, health and sanitation for the common man or an airport for private planes which will be the playground for the rich and famous.

[ Via : Bloomberg]

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