Buy the most expensive vodka and get the Dartz Prombron Wagon free!

The Russians sure know how to keep in the news. While its common to get compliment sprits with a luxury car, this time is the other way around! The most expensive vodka in the world called the Russo-Baltique offers the Dartz Prombron Wagon as a free gift. The Russo-Baltique, priced at $1.3 million The Russo-Baltique comes from Russia (no surprises here) and lays claim to being the worlds $1.3 million per bottle comes in a stunning decanter set in gold that recreates the radiator guard from the Russo-Baltique cars. And this is no ordinary gold, but metal that comes from gold coins minted between 1908 and 1912, when their first car surfaced.

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The flask will be capped with a white and yellow gold cap spotting a diamond-encrusted replica of the Russian Imperial Eagle. The bottle is crafted with 30 cm thick bulletproof glass. The Dartz Prombron is touted to be “one of the fastest multi terrain armored vehicles in the world”. It features parts made by general Motors and features a 8.1 liter engine under the hood.

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