Camille Allen’s baby sculptures are spooky for $4,400

Slowly heated in an oven for a hard porcelain-like finish, babies emerge for their final finishing touches, which are given by using dentist’s tools and toothpicks. Fine mohair is glued in place, strand by strand, and paints are applied to make them come alive! No, this is not a horror film; it is how artist Camille Allen gives birth to her sculptures/dolls. One look at these adorable babies, and I had shivers running down my spine. The fact that they are not real scares me a lot. Measuring from just over an inch to 4in high, these clay dolls look so real they can fool almost anyone. These dolls look so spooky I know I would never be able to get a good night’s if I knew they were in my house. I would be up all night expecting one of them to cry or blink their eyes suddenly. Spooky! The artist, who learned the art of making sculptures from her husband’s grandmother, hasn’t looked back ever since she started making miniature babies. These dolls usually go on to private collections as one-offs, but some babies go on to be made into limited editions or production dolls.

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And so pricey are these dolls that they fetch a price of a whopping $4,410 on the internet! Instead of wasting so much money on a porcelain doll, I suggest you donate the money to some orphanage or have your own child and invest the money for his/her bright future.

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