Harrods’ pop-up Great Gatsby jazz bar will mark the release of the movie

Harrods has caught the 20’s fever as it sets to launch its underground jazz bar, a place that will hark us back to the lavish entertainment and unmistakable glamour of the roaring twenties, a decade of sustained economic prosperity, social change, prohibition, and flapper fashion. With The Great Gatsby, a 20’s inspired movie by Baz Lurhmann’s take on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald premiering in theatres this May, the jazz craze is back. Harrods celebrates the movie and the period through their pop-up jazz bar, which will open at the store visitors from 9-20 May. Customers will travel back in time once they enter the store’s underground space with the art-deco décor and theatrical cocktail-making demonstrations that will take place at the main bar all day.

Created by experts using the best of alcohol including Courvoisier, Hendrick’s, Johnnie Walker and Martini, bespoke cocktails will be served too.

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The bar will host a special one-off evening event on 10 May where guests will enjoy the musicals of a twenties-style Jazz band and get to mix some drinks at a cocktail-making masterclass.

A night filled with music, canapés, a chance for all women to get their most flapper attire out of the closet and all that jazz.

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The Gatsby-inspired jazz bar will pop up from 9th – 20th May at Harrods, while tickets for the 10th May special evening event are priced at £50 ($76).

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