Horrifying and insensitive: LA nightclub draws flak after models pop out of coffins to serve champagne at its lockdown re-opening party

A lot of countries are easing their lockdown regulations. Most of them are permitting our return back to normal life keeping in mind the new rules of caution and precaution that are almost set in stone. This way of living is now a general understanding by almost every man, woman, and child inhabiting Planet Earth. Every human is aware of the existence of Coronavirus, its spread, and its harmful effects, and worst of all the number of lives it claimed. In the United States alone the registered numbers of cases are 2.23M and the death toll is the highest in the world with 120K deaths. Imagine the horror when a Los Angeles nightclub, Penthouse Day Club opens its doors with a celebration in the middle of the pandemic and that’s not even the worst part. The reopening brunch which is being tagged as a ‘soft’ celebration keeping the atmosphere in mind had swimsuit-clad bottle-servers with golden champagne bottles emerging from a gray metal casket paraded around by “pallbearers.” In their defense all they had to say was- they were all wearing masks! Do we really need a lecture on humanity or basic human decency? Haven’t we all been sensitized after the million deaths witnessed in a matter of months? In no way is coming out of coffins holding champagne bottles a statement-making ritual of any sort, except barbarism.

This crass display that the club calls a soft celebration/reopening brunch set them back by $20,000. Table reservations were mandatory and individual groups were capped at 10 people. Take a good look at the video released and you will notice social distancing clearly appeared to be absent through the venue’s bar and dance floor facilities. It trifles the efforts of the staff wearing masks, gloves, and checking temperatures at the door when more than half the people are without masks. Too bad even a dire condition in their country couldn’t knock any sense or empathy into their minds.

[Via: LAmag]

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