This Miami penthouse comes with its own DJ booth and dance floor

We have a lot of time at hand to imagine what we will do once our current predicament comes to an end. I for one want to travel the world once it is cleansed of the coronavirus. I guess most people would want to do the same which is why we are updating you of must-visit places so you know what to do once life regains its composure. For those who can make it to Miami, there’s a place that is full of awesome, a perfect pad to unleash the party animal in you waiting to be unleashed. Located in party capital South Beach, this penthouse is ideal for a music lover who would want to celebrate our freedom from quarantine and throw a bash equipped with a pro-level DJ booth and a dance floor inside the unit. Section of this area and you have yourself an ambiance that will put the best clubs to shame with its fancy illuminated dance floor, soundproofing between the floors so the party never stops. Blast music night or day as this penthouse is positioned such that it encompasses the entire south, east, and west corner, so there aren’t many neighbors to bother. While many party animals wouldn’t want anything more than this, the rest of the house is also an absolute beaut.

The sprawling 8,332 square feet penthouse offers five bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. City and ocean views are available and can be indulged in from the balcony space that takes it all to another level. The balconies are massive and also include a hot tub off one of the balconies. The penthouse is on the market for $10.9 million and is located in Sunny Isles Beach, Apartment 4803 at 17121 Collins Ave.

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[Via: SFGate]

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