Hosni Mubarak supposed to be the world’s richest man with $70 billion wealth tag

After ruling one of the world’s most historically rich countries for more than 30 years and being shamefully removed his seat of power, estranged president Hosni Mubarak’s bank balance comes as little, yet disgraceful, surprise. At $70 billion, the wretched ruler, 82, could reportedly be the richest man in the world with family assets being stocked away in Swiss banks and New York real estate agencies – which means that he has surpassed the wealth of America’s wealthiest Bill Gates and the world’s richest, Mexican businessman Carlos Slim Helu – men who didn’t make their millions from the sweat of an entire nation.

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The amount apparently was accumulated by Mubarak, his wife, and two sons through various business partnerships and most or all government initiatives. What is more, his sidekicks were well-rewarded as well as the report says party insider Ahmed Ezz had $3 billion or former interior minister Habib Ibrahim El-Adly, $1.2 billion. Such men are just a burden and a curse to humanity.

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