Imperial Cosmetics’ sparkling wine based cosmetics for sparkling skin

However hard you try to hide your age, your skin will not co-operate with you. It gives a clear picture about the number of years that it has been exposed on this planet. However, regular use of cosmetics with luxurious ingredients like wine, gold dust and diamonds can help to keep your skin looking younger. French company, Imperial Cosmetics has rolled out a new sparkling collection with sparkling wine, Chardonnay, as the main ingredient. This new box contains The box contains a dozen single doses of 1 ml of Imperial Sparkling Cream, a dozen single doses of 1 ml of Imperial Serum and the same number of single doses of 1 ml of Imperial Botuli-like.

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The 36 single-dose treatment lasts 36 days with a dose of product per day, alternating the three cosmetics. Also you can stretch it to 72 days of treatment by using a dose of product every two days, of all three cosmetics. Packed in strips that promise to capture the freshness of the ingredients in the capsules, even the elegant black case adds on to the grace.

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