Junior will love this $1300 Saint Laurent toy car

After introducing surfboards, logo-branded Rubik’s cubes, skiing gear, condoms, and plenty of other objects to catch our fancy, Saint Laurent is back again with a luxe edition. This time, the marquee has introduced a toy car that is priced at a cool $1300.

Part of the Rive Droite collection, the accessory is a far upgrade over the regular variants in the market. It replaces the plastic body with a stronger base and the ordinary steering wheel and parts, with exquisitely crafted pieces. The accessory is made in collaboration with Baghera and is a work of art, to say the least!

It comes in a chic bubble gum hue with a contrasting zebra-printed saddle and steering wheel. Although priced ludicrously, the car makes for a great addition to the brand’s Rive Droite ensemble and is also quirky enough to catch a collector’s fancy.

While the luxe Baghera Rider may only be fit enough for celebrity kids (monetarily), you can purchase it online as well as in-store at the Rive Droite locations in Paris and Los Angeles for $1300. In case you wish to spoil your little one silly (quite literally), this one’s for you!

[Available at: YSL]

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