Are you crazy enough to buy this $100,000 life-size T-rex skeleton replica?

Who would ever want to get a life-size Tyrannosaurus skeleton for their home? Maybe, if you are big fan of the movie ‘Night in the Museum’ and have ton of spare cash along with a big enough mansion to find room for the 40-foot-long behemoth, you will be crazy to buy it. Yes, it is in fact available for sale. Hammacher Schlemmer has revealed this obscene gift for the 2014 holiday season: a $100,000 life-size replica of a 40-foot long T-rex skeleton that stands 15-feet tall. In 1992, amateur paleontologist Stan Sacrison discovered the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex in South Dakota. The resulting skeleton was named after Stan. The replica T-rex skeleton is a polyurethane resin cast creation modeled on Stan.

The T-rex skeleton is held up using a hidden steel structure. On ordering the skeleton, an assembly crew will set the dino up in a position of your choosing. Weighing in at 1,500 pounds, the replica is incredibly detailed right down to a broken jaw and various puncture wounds. In case, you don’t have space to accommodate the full size skeleton, you can even buy a T-rex skull for just $9,500.

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[Available at Hammacher]

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