LL Everyday Luxuries: This $350 Rose gold vermeil straw from Tiffany & Co. helps you reduce your plastic waste

You may already have heard that authorities in countries like Taiwan have pushed for a total ban on plastic straws because of the danger they pose to the environment. Unlike other plastic products, straws cannot be recycled and often end up as trash in the ocean. In the US, regional authorities and restaurants are moving to either limit the use of plastic straws or ban them totally. So now that you have to ditch the free straws that come with your morning coffee, what are your options?

We’ll be switching to the Crazy Straws from the Everyday Objects range from Tiffany and Co. Made from sterling silver, these straws are available in three styles: a plain silver version as well as rose and yellow gold vermeil editions. Rose gold is, of course, the trending metal these days and we can assure you that you will fabulous sipping out of one of these quirky twisted straws. They are reusable and can be personalized with an engraving too. You’ll see a “Tiffany blue” band near the top which gives the straw away as a Tiffany & Co. item.

It’s only a deep pocketed environment enthusiast who can afford these $350 straws (the plain silver version is priced at $250), but if you are in the one percent you can’t pass up these cool straws. Think of all the complements you’ll get at Starbucks! Incidentally Tiffany has other fancier straws that boast tiny silver creatures like ladybugs, and dragonflies hovering on them. We love the $425 monkey straw which has a silver vine wrapped around it.

(Meanwhile, plebeians who want to do their part for the environment can pick up a stainless steel straw online for a fraction of the price.)

[Available at:Tiffany]

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