Nathan Smith claims to have located treasure worth $3billion via Google Maps

If you thought only little children were inspired by the famous Nicholas Cage movie – National Treasure, think again. Nathan Smith, a 39-year-old musician, and filmmaker from Los Angeles, testified in the courtroom that he used Google maps to find buried treasure in South Texas. He even monitored the treasure’s location with updated satellite images to ensure no one was poking around to gain legal rights to his finding!

According to Smith, a 19th-century boat with a ‘supposed’ cargo of gold and silver is located off the Texas Gulf Coast. The ship sank only to be later found by the Comanche Indians, who buried some of it. Smith claims the location appears to look something like a shoe print and that you can see an actual “X” where he thinks part of the ship’s capstan is. Smith is trying his level best to gain legal rights to the treasure and has put out the word that he is looking for investors to dig up the location. But unfortunately, Smith has encountered a roadblock, with Refugio County estate making claims to owning the land. They want Nathan to stop excavating immediately. However, Smith seems quite adamant about his hunt. He says that there is no way he would stop as a treasure worth $3 million is located in the sea, navigable to all. Way to go, Nathan Smith; we have our eyes and ears open to any further news on you!

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[Via – Slashgear]

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