Selfridges offers wise investment solution with their $1,500 Easter egg

With the recession ruining almost all our holiday’s this year, it seems like Easter promises to be no different. But department store Selfridges thinks otherwise. As a matter of fact, they are encouraging people to buy their extremely expensive £1,000 ($1,470) Easter eggs in the hope that they will gain value! How? Because each of these exorbitantly priced eggs will contain a gold coin, which the store considers good investment value. The store backs its new product with economic data from Swiss Bank claiming demand for gold will double this year compared to 2007. Wonder how many people will fall prey to the temptation of this golden egg?

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So if you think this is a wise investment, go ahead and grab this egg right away. Like the wise man (director of food and drink at Selfridges Ewan Venters) says, “Don’t invest in the stock market this Easter. Invest in the golden egg instead.”
[The Sun]

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